360 Master Data Management Tool

We have developed a variant of 360 Business Tool called 360 MDM Tool. “MDM” stands for “Master Data Management”, and it enables data suppliers to create and maintain a single point of reference for core data, such as sites, persons and occupations.

The technical requirements for a master data management tool differs fundamentally from a business tool, because there is no need for transaction data such as activities, campaigns, events, expenses, quotes etc. Instead, the focus lies solely on maintaining the core data, which serves as base for the business tools.

Significant features of our MDM Tool are core data maintenance, mass updates, change logging, duplicate detection, consolidation, validation, data quality indicators, imports and exports.

Our first customer on the tool is a major European supplier of master data for the life sciences industry. The system is already in use in 11 European countries, and more are on the way.

You can read more about Master Data Management here.

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